Naurus (Private) Limited, NPL was established in 1979. We feel proud in introducing ourselves as one of the leading food processing companies in Pakistan. It was only the beginning of a long Odyssey when NAURUS syrup being pure composition of Aqua flowers, Herbal distillates, and Fruit extracts was first launched in the late 1950’s. Soon the growing trends of acceptability of our products led to adaptation of modern means as technologies so as to cater to the production requirements for the emerging markets. Besides Naurus Syrup, other food items like Jams, Spices, Pickles, Sauces, Vermicelli, Squashes, Juices, Desserts, Canned Foods, and Sandwich Spreads are in the portfolio. We are now introducing a premium range of chutneys/ sauces and condiment under the brand name of CHATKHAAR for our customers who have the spark for it.

Besides having most modern production setup, the well-versed industrial expertise, quality awareness, product knowledge are such ornate components, which has given us the international recognition in this age of globalization. NPL moving at its own pace is being recognized as one of the leading food and syrup manufacturers around the global. “NPL has secured its rightful place” admits its contemporaries from the very beginning. NPL has maintained its standards and initiated the changes to ever improve its product quality.

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