Premium, hand-picked seedless green chillies, peeled raw and seedless mango, carrots finely diced and mixed in the perfect ratio with our secret recipe of spices and other vegetables, our pickle in 100% olive oil will surely make a lasting impression on your taste buds. Makes every bite of your meal, an EXPERIENCE. Continue reading


First in Pakistan, the pickle is for Olive lovers. It brings the Mediterranean touch to your Asian palate. very good for health and heart. Continue reading


Seedless Lisoora, cleaned and cut in quarters for every slice to have its unique sourish flavour to bring out the best in your bite ! Continue reading


100% Chicken Breast meat, boneless, shredded, marinated and mixed in a blend of chatkhaar spices. Its not anything like you have ever tasted before. Its the evolution of Pickles. All in 100% Olive Oil. Continue reading


As the name says it, a very hot pickle with nothing but sliced green chillies and a blend of CHATKHAAR spices for the flaming hot lovers. Continue reading


Cloves of garlic, finely sliced, marinated and mixed with CHATKHAAR’s recipe of spices. A definite for garlic lovers Continue reading

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